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  • 15 Mar

    Zapier: How to Add Abandoned Cart Automation to Shopify



    Use Zapier to automate your repetitive but necessary tasks to focus on growing your business.

    If you’re using Shopify and you’re not familiar with Zapier, then you’re missing out on some precious tools. At BTP, we have over 100 examples of automation in Zapier running around the clock to do things like schedule sales follow-ups, kick off subscription automation reminders in MailChimp and some other very useful actions.

    Once you’ve completed the initial set up of Zapier, you’ll be ready to create your first “Zap.” A Zap is Zapier’s proprietary name for an automated task. Zaps can make you money and save you time.

    Here is an example of a completed automated process in Zapier:

    Let’s go through the set-up process step by step.

    Step 1: Create a Zap

    Click “Make a New Zap.”
    You’re going to select Shopify as your “Trigger App.” You may have to authenticate Zapier to your Shopify instance.

    Select “New Abandoned Cart” as your trigger to turn this automation on. (You may have to click “show less common options” to show “New Abandoned Cart” in the list of available triggers.

    Zapier will run a test on the trigger; if it’s successful you may move on to step two.



    Step 2: Select your Action App

    For your “Action App,” select “Delay by Zapier,” then choose “Delay For.” We recommend selecting a delay of at least 20 minutes because a shopper will sometimes step away and come back later to complete a purchase. We are specifically looking for people who entered all their information and stopped just before payment. This automation will also work if the user is logged in and has added items to their cart.



    Step 3: Create a Filter

    Add a filter. The filter button is a small plus symbol on the left-hand pane between the larger action items.
    Now we know that plenty of people open carts, but we want to filter out anyone that didn’t enter contact information. We need actionable intelligence, so anyone with a phone number is who we’re looking for.




    Step 4: Deliver the Data

    Lastly, we want to deliver this information to ourselves so you can follow-up with potential customers. This action can be done via an email, but you can also be sent as an SMS (text message) by Zapier.


    Here is a copy of the email template we use. Feel free to copy it. Please note you will have a different identifier in your brackets {} so you will have to use the drop down to put in your values.
    Hello, Helpful Customer Service Staff this is DanBot. BEEP BOOP
    I have detected an abandoned cart.

    Please attempt to recover the Following Sale. We have waited 20 minutes since this purchase to activate this service.
    Admin link:{{7770482__id}}

    Customer First name: {{7770482__customer__first_name}}
    Customer Last name: {{7770482__customer__last_name}}
    Customer Email : {{7770482__email}}
    Customer Phone Number : {{7770482__shipping_address__phone}}

    Please contact this person to recover sale value of : {{7770482__total_line_items_price}}