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  • 03 Feb

    Yappy for Business Communications: Insider Promo

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    Business Tech Pro is proud to announce we’ve partnered with Yappy– an exceptional business communications solution that allows you to interact with clients via SMS, Facebook Messenger, chat, and other client friendly mediums.


    We’ve been so impressed with the results of integrating Yappy into our existing client communication solutions that we took the next step to extend our discount to Business Tech Pro clients who lack a custom integration for their business’ communication needs.
    As a part of this partnership,  we will be assisting new users with custom integrations and onboarding to the platform. Our team of experts specializes in the selling, deployment, engineering and customization of software for our clients in the Microsoft realm; and found Yappy to be the communication tool that the SaaS world has been looking for.


    What this mean for you:

    • 30% off for 3 months with the promo code BTP30
    • Priority integrations into your existing systems at no cost for major CRM’s or Mail managers
    • Invitation to the Developers/Reseller Slack
    • Affiliate Codes to earn 20% of base subscription for 3 years of all seats signed up (Each seat is $60.00, you would earn $12.00 per seat per month.)
    • Receive Payments over SMS (have your customers checkout over SMS/CHAT/FB)


    Why We Love Yappy

    image to buy yappyIn our industry, we found that our demographic of customers prefer to skip the call queues and communicate with us directly through the new Adwords Text ads, using their mobile devices, and through Facebook messenger. What’s unique about SMS communications is the analytic data gathered on your users through Yappy’s intuitive interface. Yappy provides users with a full background check, the customer’s social profiles, and the ability to export the data for each conversation for remarketing, segmenting, and provides insight so you can better understand your client and sculpt your conversations. Also, yappy stores this data FOREVER so you can always revisit and export every conversation, text and Facebook message in one place.

    In the last 60 days, over 6% of customer service interactions and more than 10% of sales have had an SMS communications element. Over 50% sales had a web chat component, and 4% of sales had a connection through Facebook messenger. What we found was; customers who used SMS to contact us even outside of business hours, were receiving a completed email response and all of the sales were solicited and closed at a much faster, more streamlined rate.



    On the marketing side, this has opened a whole new avenue of marketing that used to require management on several fronts.  Now everything is in one simple system, and we’re implementing blasts that combine text marketing, email marketing, Facebook messenger and Adwords texts ads in a way never seen before.  We’ve even had exit intent with SMS allowing users who are leaving the site to provide their text number for a free coupon offer.


    What are we offering on top?

    • Expert Configuration for your business
    • We’ll openly share how we’re using it in our business (25 users)
    • Promote features to the top of the stack; we get features in days not months
    • Pricing negotiations for teams of 20 or more
    • Custom development implementations using SMS advertising
    • Copy Paste TOS updates to allow SMS advertising
    • Direct scheduled access to the Founder of

    Why SMS?

    • It’s the most popular form of communication for 18-26-year-olds
    • Higher response rates than email (SMS + Mobile Landing + Facebook pixel, think about that)
    • Reduced call volume (A single agent can text message 15 customers at the same time, but can only speak on the phone to 1 person at a time)
    • Text integrations to order actions to tell customers when items have packed, shipped and track.
    • For the sake of self-promotion, our affiliate link is: If you sign up through another means there is a chance you may be speaking with us anyways since we are lending our technical staff to Yappy to assist with onboarding.




    Yappy communicaton


    Personalized messages: Communicate more effectively by getting more personal with your customers. Text messaging allows you to craft much more personal messages in an instant than through email or website chat. You can build a working relationship with your customers right over their phones.

    Standardize answers for common queries: Save time by having pre-designed messages and responses to the most common customer questions.


    Yappy analytics


    Utilize analytics to gauge your customer base: Identify solutions to problems within your business through Yappy’s powerful analytics system. Utilize your customers’ messages to find and solve issues you may not have been aware of. Through the power of Yappy’s text analytics, you can quickly identify recurring concerns of customers and find opportunities to improve your website, products, or services. Improvements can include providing a better customer experience, superior product, and the ability to solve these problems at the root.

    Catch the sale while customers are on their phones

    When customers use their mobile phones, they have a different intent in mind than when they use their desktops in that they want instant answers. If a customer sends your business a text message, they have a very immediate demand in that moment. You want to catch customers when they are in need to quickly grab their attention. Ensure you don’t miss that chance by possessing the ability to chat with your customers when they’re communicating with you via their mobile phones.

    Increase mobile internet traffic

    By positioning your business to communicate with customers via text on mobile phones, you will reach more of them, particularly on-the-go and Millennial customers. Mobile Internet traffic now exceeds desktop Internet traffic, and the average user spends significantly more time on the Internet through their phones. Internet time spent on mobile phones is also spread throughout the entire day, as opposed to concentrated sessions on desktop or laptop.

    Consolidate & streamline to save money

    You will save money by consolidating your communication programs into one streamlined solution! Successful businesses know the value of understanding the context of data, which comes from seeing the entire picture. Having your communication channels spread across many different programs makes seeing the big picture difficult. Yappy allows you to consolidate your customer communications into one simple portal, gathering your customer’s profiles and sales data to provide the context of your conversation


    Yappy SMS Reimagined

    Text customers from your desktop

    Eliminate the need for multiple phones for multiple agents. Provide just one phone number to your customers through which all agents and support staff can answer at their web-based service portals.

    Built and ready to go

    There’s tons of SMS marketing applications available that blast out messages to a list of people. However, Yappy is the only tool available for two-way SMS communication between the business and consumer.

    Always connected

    Internet connection isn’t always available for smartphones. Yappy communication is sent via SMS, on a different frequency that is non-reliant on internet connection. With Yappy, you’re equipped with a trusted solution that provides the best support to customers on the go.