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Synnex Product Ripper

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Synnex Product Ripper

Rip Product Data from Synnex to Shopify with Just a Click

Make Transferring Product Information Less Painful

Add Products Directly to Your Shopify Store With 1 Click

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Available in the Google Chrome Web Store Today

The old way of importing products to your store required you to painstakingly enter all the product information into the necessary fields yourself, costing valuable time. more

screenshot of the chrome product ripper extension by btp

Our Chrome extension automatically grabs relevant product information from the page and creates a new product in your Shopify store with the click of a button.

Our services include:

  • Custom Supplier to Shop integrations such as Synnex Product Ripper
  • Structured page data
  • Product feed management
  • Product feed error improvement via Feed Doctor by Business Tech Pro
  • Product data improvement (detailed descriptions, high res images, etc.)


For the best product feed management options available for your store, contact Business Tech Pro at (888) 326-6856 or to see how we can optimize your customer’s buying experience and your SEO ranking relevance.