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  • 09 Sep

    Tutorial: Recoup Sales with Zapier and MailChimp

    Informing customers of abandoned carts can prompt them to complete orders and boost your sales

    If you aren’t familiar with Zapier and you’re on Shopify, welcome your new best friend. I have over 100 automations in Zapier that work around the clock that do things like schedule sales follows, kick off subscription automation reminders in MailChimp, and a number of other very useful actions.

    Once you’ve set up Zapier, you’re ready to create your first ZAP; this ZAP is very simple and will make you money. I came up with this method thanks to the articles I read on the eCommerceFuel blog, so it was only appropriate I share it with you all.

    Here is what your automation order looks like:

    Zapier, MailChimp, Shopify


    Step 1:
    You’re going to select Shopify as your first action. You may have to authenticate Zapier to your Shopify instance. Select New Abandoned Cart as your action you want to trigger this automation on.

    Zapier, MailChimp, Shopify


    Step 2:
    You are going to add a new action and select Delay. I selected a delay of 20 minutes because as a shopper, I sometimes step away and come back to finish a sale. We are specifically looking for people who fully entered in all their information and stopped at Payment; this will also work if the user is logged in and has added items to their cart.

    Zapier, MailChimp, Shopify


    Step 3:
    Now we know that many people open carts, so we want to filter out anyone that doesn’t have contact information. We need actionable intelligence, so we’re looking for anyone with a phone number. Note: The filter button is a small plus symbol on the left hand pane between the larger action items.

    Zapier, MailChimp, Shopify


    Step 4:
    Lastly, we want to send this information to ourselves somehow. I’ve done this via email to my support email, but you can also use the SMS by Zapier to send yourself a text and jump on these opportunities immediately.

    Here is a look at how to set up the template:

    Zapier, MailChimp, Shopify


    Below is a copy of the template I use. It amuses my staff, so feel free to take it. Please note that you will have a different identifier in your brackets {_}, so you will have to use the drop down menu to put in your values.

    Hello Helpful Customer Service Staff this is DanBot. BEEP BOOP
    I have detected an abandoned cart.

    Please attempt to recover the Following Sale. We have waited 20 minutes since this purchase to activate this service.
    Admin link:{{7770482__id}}

    Customer First name: {{7770482__customer__first_name}}
    Customer Last name: {{7770482__customer__last_name}}
    Customer Email : {{7770482__email}}
    Customer Phone Number : {{7770482__shipping_address__phone}}

    Please contact this person to recover sale value of : {{7770482__total_line_items_price}}

    Many thanks human.

    A special thanks to @JeremyRoberts for getting me thinking about abandoned cart solutions.