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  • A NEW Shopify App for Technical Folks! (Shopify Products to SQL)
  • 12 Aug

    A NEW Shopify App for Technical Folks! (Shopify Products to SQL)

    Business Tech Pro creates a Shopify app to assist in exporting product data in SQL

    I put together Shopify Products to SQL, an app that exports all product data and metafield data into SQL.

    I was unhappy with being unable to export all product data or product metafields in a usable format, so I created this application to pull everything into a My SQL database. This is great way to do transforms on your data, hook your data into other systems, or give someone a subset of your product data.

    Who should use the application?

    Anyone who wants to backup or ‘own’ their own Shopify data via SQL Database.

    What is the application?  

    The app provides a facility to backup all Product, Variant, and Metafield data to your favorite SQL Database.

    When should you use the application?

    Anytime you run the the app, it will build/create a set of ‘timestamped’ SQL files that can create table backups for all of your’s product data, variants, and optionally metafields.

    Where does the application go?

    Your Shopify shop and your SQL Database.

    Why have the application?

    The app provides backups of Shopify product(s) data in an SQL database for various purposes.

    How does it work?

    Run the Shopify Products To SQL application; after it finishes processing, the app will present the SQL backup files (with all of your product data).


    Check out the app for yourself here. Hope you all enjoy it.


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