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  • 25 Jul

    Feed Doctor: The PLA Optimization Tool to Improve Your Product Feed

    Business Tech Pro releases its newest PLA optimization tool Feed Doctor.

    I’m happy to announce Feed Doctor, our Google PLA Data Compliance and optimization tool, is ready for the world. Our software operates as a data compliance and optimization engine for Google product listing ads by analyzing the data provided in product feeds.

    Feed Doctor examines:

    • Data Errors
    • Data optimizations
    • Incorrectly synced resources
    • Discrepancies between on page and submitted feed
    • Best practices
    • Data completeness
    • Data specification compliance
    • File Sizes, Dimensions, Broken URL Checking

    As some of you may know there is no revealed quality score on PLA’s and Google’s ranking and bidding system is a black box. After years of testing, trial and error, Google rep calls, and following the best practices, we have reverse engineered a part of the process to produce consistent ranking listings for the lowest costs per click.

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    The tool examines feeds on single runs or on a schedule to notify users of data optimizations and errors in their product feed data. The tool is always being updated with new optimizations, and it keeps a history of your changes to show how your feed data improves over time.

    Product Type Enumeration Bidding Tool
    We’ve also included a handy tool that allows you to see your products broken out by product type for implementing scalar bidding strategies. Feed Doctor is incredibly useful when you are trying to expand your product base to handle hundreds or thousands of SKUs.

    Product Availability Report
    We’ve also included a handy tool that allows you to see your products current availability. This tool is essential to snapshot if you have products that frequently go out of stock.

    Errors Export

    We’ve created a handy export that allows you to produce a CSV report of the errors. This is great for disseminating and attacking multiple product updates at once. IF you’re a marketing firm, this feature will be used as a reporting tool against your client’s data.

    Promotion Builder (Upcoming)
    A quick and easy way to manage Google promotions and schedules for your products.

    We’ve developed and used this tool extensively to create our PLA strategy. We’ve successfully outranked competitors time and again simply by following the results and corrections of our Feed Doctor runs.

    By implementing the corrections diagnosed by Feed Doctor you can expect:

    1. Higher Click through rates
    2. More impressions
    3. Lower CPA
    4. More Screen Real estate than your competitors
    5. More #1 Rankings
    6. Lower costs
    7. More money in your pocket

    For more information about Feed Doctor, contact us at (888)326-6856 or