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  • eCommerce Merchants Double Last Year’s Sales with Mobile Commerce
  • 26 Feb

    eCommerce Merchants Double Last Year’s Sales with Mobile Commerce

    eCommerce purchases using smartphones have increased by an astonishing 96% year-on-year comparison, in contrast to the mere 26% reported in January 2015.

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    eCommerce merchants have surely capitalized on the healthy start to the new year, and with eCommerce transactions for January 2016 having doubled to 15% from the previous 7% of yesteryear, 2016 will undoubtedly be a profitable year ahead.

    Purchases through mobile devices were discovered to have grown 96% year-on-year in contrast to the 26% reported in the same period the prior year; signifying the increasing demand for smaller businesses to convert their websites into mobile-friendly applications.

    Merchants specializing in apparel and electrical goods reaped the greatest benefits in commerce with each of the categories reporting a 15% increase – the largest annual increase for electrical products since November 2014.

    The high representation of online transactions implies that of the ‘Black Friday effect’ – that seemed to impact the persistent decline in sales growth in the first quarter of 2015 – has not been replicated this year.

    Richard Tremellen, the retail and consumer products insight and data specialist at Capgemini, explained:

    “As we settle into the New Year, with the busy festive period behind us, the retail sector will be relieved to see such impressive results. It’s a strong indication that consumer confidence is continuing to grow and puts us in a good position for a strong 2016.”

    With mobile commerce at an all time high, a mobile friendly site is vital to improving your sales and traffic. Mobile marketing and purchasing are an important part of buyers’ decision-making, and you don’t want to interrupt that process for anything.

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