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  • 22 Feb

    E-commerce Business: An Income Solution for Busy Moms

    e-commerce business, busy moms, business tech proIf you are a busy mom that has your hands full caring for young humans, it can be easy to dismiss seeking out another job besides being a mom. Owning your own business can definitely feel like a stretch, especially for meal time, snack time, play time, nap time, and finally, bedtime. Fortunately, establishing an e-commerce business online can bridge your professional and parental roles with much less friction than you think.

    What are the benefits of building an e-commerce business for busy moms?

    Manageable Income

    Your primary job is being the best mom you can be, but what about being your own boss? Running your own e-commerce business is the real way people work from home, providing your growing family with a supplemental income that is far easier to balance with all the escapades you’ll endure as a mother. The money you can earn from a successfully run e-commerce business can provide a nice financial cushion for your family and can go towards the development of your children.

    Conduct business at home while caring for your children

    For working moms, they often must find a sitter or drop their children off at a daycare center, which can be just as stressful as it is costly. Also, running your own business with a brick-and-mortar location can take time away from your family. Running an e-commerce business from your home is the truest example of “working from home,” giving you the flexibility of balancing your personal and professional life as well as more time with your kids.

    Combine your passions with making money

    Being a mom can be hard work and not leave a lot of time for things that you love to do. Perhaps you are an artist at heart but have put it off due to raising your children. Maybe you have a great idea that solves a problem, but felt you couldn’t make it happen because of your devotion to your family. With an e-commerce business, you can turn that side project or passion of yours into a sellable product that people can enjoy. You love your children, so why not fill your life with something else you love— and get paid for it!


    Starting an e-commerce business may sound great, but may not be sure how to go about it. For some, starting your own business is uncharted territory, but there are so many wonderful tools, programs, and guides to help you as a busy mom living in the 21st century. While there are many ways you can approach starting your own e-commerce business, there are some basic things to remember as a mom trying to balance business with kids:

    How to make it work for you:

    Choose something you love and are good at

    As a busy mom, you do not have a lot of extra time as it is, so learning new skills can be very difficult when juggling family and your new business venture. Basing your e-commerce site off skills you already possess is the most expedient and probably fun way to start earning income. Doing what you already love will make the experience more enjoyable for you, and thus will encourage you to pursue your business to completion and fruition.

    Find a shopping cart platform that fits your lifestyle

    There are many e-commerce platforms out there to choose from, each with their own levels of complexity and range of features. Depending on your situation at home with your children, the learning curve for any new program can be steep or simple. Research each option thoroughly to see the level of commitment and skill each requires to choose the platform that will facilitate your lifestyle and level of expertise. Some of the most popular options available are Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce.

    Automate as much as possible

    You’re a busy mom, so making time to do all the busy work involved with running a successful e-commerce business can be challenging when you are trying to spend more time with your children. Automating repetitive or reoccurring tasks can free up more of your time to spend with your family as well as give you more focus on growing your business. Click here to find out how you can automate your e-commerce tasks efficiently.

    Plan your business during breaks from the kids

    The key to maintaining that healthy life balance that you are looking for is allocating your time and resources wisely. As a mom, you want to be there for your kids during the day when they need you the most, but there are small ways you can squeeze in time to work on your e-commerce business. For example, you can work on your website during naptime or after the kids have gone to bed.

    If you’re looking to sneak some time in during the day when your kids are still awake, find times when they are preoccupied with something else such as their favorite TV show or that movie you’ve already seen over a hundred times. Working on a laptop or mobile device in the same room will let you be around if they need you and let you work simultaneously.

    Engage with your business through mobile devices

    In today’s digital age, just about everyone walks around with at least one mobile device. Connect your smartphone or tablet to your e-commerce accounts to stay on top of important issues and transaction reports from anywhere. Whether you are out and about with the kids or just at home, checking in with your business when you have a moment all throughout the day will help you stay up-to-date and focused while never leaving your kids out.

    Hire Some Help

    An inevitability of a growing business is needing more help to keep up with the growth. As a busy mom with your head in so many different places, hiring someone to help with the business can take a great weight off your shoulders and keep efficiency up, so the business does not suffer from being too overwhelming for you. Whether it’s just an administrative assistant to handle the busy work or a workforce to help with building or distributing products, one or many helping hands will be well worth the price when you can still be a great mom to your kids.


    For more advice on how to get your e-commerce business started as a busy mom, contact Business Tech Pro at (888) 326-6856 or to learn how we can help you.