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  • 19 Jul

    Categories by BTP Adds New Category Display Options

    The flexible category-building app Categories by BTP has received another upgrade, allowing users to choose how they want their category trees to be displayed on the web page.

    Business Tech Pro has another exciting announcement about our beloved app Categories by BTP in the Shopify App Store! After our first update, we have listened to the feedback from our users and have rolled out our best update yet.

    Category Style

    categories by btp, business tech pro, category styleNow with Categories by BTP, choose how your category tree looks on your storefront! You can choose from an array of different options that suit your storefront design and style:

    • Sidebar – default option, categories are displayed vertically on the side of the storefront web page
    • Top Menu – This category orientation fits across the top of the storefront web page horizontally
    • Super Button – All categories expand out from a single button placed on the top left on the storefront web page
    • Attach to Element – All categories will expand out from an element you assign on the storefront web page

    In order to take full advantage of this update and make sure your existing tree remains intact, please make sure to visit the Install/Update/Repair Status tab in the app and deploy the assets/btp-categories-style.scss.liquid asset.


    New Advanced Features:

    categories by btp, business tech pro, advanced features, copy tree to other theme, Storefront tree generation snippet

    Copy tree to other theme

    Transferring information that you painstakingly put together into category trees to another theme can be a pain, so we have made it much easier! You can now copy your entire product category tree from one theme to another by simply entering which tree you want to copy and which one you want to paste it in.  

    Storefront tree generation snippet (advanced HTML coding experts only)

    *NOTICE: This option is only for users who are very knowledgeable in HTML coding and is NOT recommended for other users.

    This option reveals the actual code run by Categories by BTP every time your categories are updated. Coding experts can make additional changes to their categories appearance by altering the code here. However, since even the slightest change can have far reaching effects on your storefront, we do not recommend that anyone besides coding experts attempt to change this snippet to keep your categories intact. If you do make a mistake, select the “Reset” button to restore default settings.

    If you have any further questions regarding Categories by BTP or its updates, contact us today!