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  • 08 Jun

    Categories by BTP Is Faster Than Ever Before

    Business Tech Pro makes improvements to Categories by BTP, the premier product category-building app available in the Shopify App Store.

    We at Business Tech Pro were very excited to launch Categories by BTP the first time around, and with your feedback, we’ve made it even better than before. Users can expect a faster and smoother experience when building out or updating their product category trees on Shopify.

    Upon opening the application in your Shopify account, you’ll immediately notice our updated user interface to match Shopify’s standards and to give you an easier way of navigating the app.

    categories by btp, business tech pro, shopifyThe most exciting part of this update is the performance boost Categories by BTP is getting. No longer do you have to wait lengthy load times when you make changes to your category trees. We achieved this faster load time by eliminating the total refresh of all your category trees when you make changes.  

    Additionally, we have increased the number of categories your website can handle. You can have virtually an unlimited amount of categories with zero impact on your load times.

    categories by btp, business tech pro, shopifyThinking about switching to a new theme for your Shopify store? Categories by BTP has now included a new feature under Settings to copy all of your category trees over to a new theme without difficulty. Just work on your category in a development theme, and then copy it over to your production theme without any hassle.

    We would like to take an opportunity to thank everyone who has downloaded and utilized the Categories by BTP app for improving the way they organize their store. We are glad to bring these new updates to you and anyone new looking to organize their products into cohesive category trees for simplified navigation and increased conversions.  

    categories by btp, business tech pro, shopifyFor any questions regarding the Categories by BTP application or the recent update, be sure to contact us at (888) 326-6856, by text at (949) 860-7477, or