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  • 06 Jan

    Categories by BTP – The Premiere Categories Shopify App

    Business Tech Pro has crafted a better app to help e-commerce businesses create multi-layered product categories within their Shopify store

    Business Tech Pro unveils Categories by BTP, its newest product available now in the Shopify App Store. The new app gives businesses who use Shopify e-commerce stores the ability to build out multi-layered category trees for their products at a level of customization and scalability not seen on Shopify.

    Categories by BTP offers:

    • Unlimited nesting
    • Improves searchability and SEO
    • Easy to use

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    Create in-depth collections that can get as specific as you want to help customers find products with much more ease

    • Multi-layered product categories improves SEO and can improve your ranking for specific product searches
    • Easily drag-and-drop categories to easily create hierarchies with no hassle
    • Adjust settings to automatically add tags to the collections of each category for adding products to

    Easily Create Categories for Your Products with Virtually No Limit

    Shopify is a great platform for any merchant with a product or service to sell. However, one major limitation with Shopify is that lack of a comprehensive categorizing system. While there are apps out there that attempt to add the ability to create multiple categories, they are clunky and difficult to use. Both sides of the purchasing process desire a better system:

    • Online shoppers need a system that allows them to find what they are looking for quickly and easily while also being mindful of other products that they may be interested in purchasing in addition to their original search
    • Merchants need a system that easily adapts to changing product offers and services, and is unbounded by technical limitations

    Categories by BTP takes the ability to create categories out of Shopify Collections and gives merchants free reign to customize their product categories to be as deep and intuitive as they want. The system is designed to provide merchants with the following:

    • Virtually unlimited nesting capabilities
    • Easy-to-use interface
    • Drag-and-drop new and existing Collections into categories with a simple click and drag of the mouse
    • Advanced settings for more efficient placing of products in their appropriate categories
    • Better search engine indexing of your product pages for better SEO
    • Create custom Collections with their own descriptions and titles for more accurate and diversified categorizing
    • Add existing Collections to new categories for more fluid product searches
    • Select main categories to instantly see their entire inventory trees