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  • 26 Jul

    Ask Analytics Intelligence Questions for Google Analytics

    Type in your questions to Google Analytics using Analytics Intelligence to get answers quickly.

    For all the Google Analytics users out there: don’t you wish there was an easier way to get the answers you need from your data? Sifting through the metrics to find what you need specifically can often be a hassle, especially for those who are new to using Google Analytics. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just ask the program for what you want in simple words without excessive searching?

    Google has decided to integrate Analytics Intelligence, a natural language processing technology that allows users to ask the program questions in plain English into Google Analytics. This new feature will utilize many functions of the same language processing technology used in Android products and Google Search to better understand what you are asking for and attempt to deliver the proper information with little to no difficulty.

    For example, you can ask Analytics Intelligence “How many unique visitors were there today?” and theoretically the program will give you the number of unique visitors you had on your website that day. To achieve this level of aptitude, Google is utilizing machine learning and natural language processing technology together to provide capabilities that include automated insights, smart lists, smart goals, and session quality. These insights are now available on both the web interface and mobile versions.

    The goal behind this new feature is to give the data analysts and decision makers the information they want more quickly so that more time and resources can be spent on making use of the data for a positive change.

    While Analytics Intelligence sounds very good in practice, knowing the right questions to ask seems to be the most significant challenge. As of right now, there is no glossary or reference guide for what precise questions to ask the program. Google has provided some examples of what to ask Analytics Intelligence, but the list has a lot more to add to make the program much more user-friendly.

    Check out some of Google’s suggestions below:

    google analytics, analytics intelligence, business tech pro

    google analytics, analytics intelligence, business tech pro









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