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  • 14 Jul

    8 Tips for Successful Cold Emailing

    Like cold calling, cold emailing can be hit or miss with potential clients, but you can certainly make your persuasive arguments stronger with these tips.

    cold emailing, cold email, business tech proEven if you have written out a killer email body text and included plenty of interactive content, cold emailing can be a tough task to get results from simply because of its nature. You are essential emailing people that you have had no prior interactions with, hoping that your email will leave a good enough impression to inspire the receiver to contact your company or at the very least visit any link you included.

    However, cold emailing is like any other form of original sales pitches: lead with a strong message and an offer that the potential customer would be foolish to refuse. Depending on your industry and target audience, there are many ways you can persuade email receivers and inspire action:

    • Make your message easy to digest – Don’t begin your body text with overly technical jargon or a blatant sales pitch, as your potential customer will likely be bored or annoyed. Instead, begin as if you’re talking to a friend about something important to share and keep things short, sweet, and to the point.
    • Skip the introduction about yourself – Don’t bother starting off your email with a personal introduction because email recipients do not care who you are, only why you are cold emailing them. Start your email off with something interesting to grab their attention such as fun facts, a story, or a deal.
    • Get right to the point – Since your email needs to say a lot with a few words and images, do not fill the email up with a few paragraph’s worth of fluff. Instead, focus on your email recipients’ problems more than your service or product. Let the recipient relate the content to their problems and realize themselves as to how your product can solve their problems.
    • Be clear and concise – You are not writing a novel or a research paper, so there is no need to tell the recipient your life story in one email. Make your cold emailing message to the point and concise (4-5 sentences) with enough persuasion to inspire the recipient to contact you for more information.
    • Make the message personal – Personalize the email to make it seem less like you plucked the recipient’s’ email address out of a hat. Reference the recipient’s blog or something you liked about his/her product or industry as a way to engage in conversation.
    • Pose a question at the end – Asking a question at the end of your email is a great way to encourage a response from your recipient. The question should prompt the potential customer to contact you for more information. Example: “[Company] specializes in lowering monthly mortgage rates for qualified borrowers. How much are you currently paying each month for your mortgage?”
    • Write an interesting subject line – If your cold emailing subject line doesn’t instill intrigue in the recipient, they will not open it and definitely won’t read it. Keep the subject line under 50 characters and avoid anything that would get the attention of a spam filter like “Discount, FREE, Low Rates, etc.” Try including the person’s name in the subject line or something that makes the recipient think that they’re receiving an email from someone he/she knows.
    • Test your cold emailing campaign and adjust – Keep testing your cold email strategy and analyze the response rates. Remove templates that don’t perform well and continue adjusting those that do convert to find the best mix of copy and content for your campaign.

    For more information on tips for cold emailing, contact us today!