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  • 28 Jun

    6 Ways To Come Up with Blog Post Ideas

    Crafting effective, consistent content for blog posts can be difficult at times when you don’t know what to write about, but thankfully there are ways around the writer’s block.

    Does your organization want to put out quality blog post content, but you are unsure of what to write about? The real trouble for many industries is coming up with that initial idea. You know that many people in your organization (including yourself) are a wealth of knowledge to be tapped into, but you are unsure of how to convey that information. We’ve all been there.

    For other companies, perhaps you have had a good run of content, but have been coming up dry for ideas lately. Fortunately, there are a few ways to get around this bad case of writer’s block:

    Find Inspiration in What You Read – Reading books, blogs, or news can be the greatest source of inspiration for new ideas. See what thought leaders in your industry are saying about new and old trends. You can also use recent events to illustrate points that relate to your organization.

    Perform Keyword Research – Using keywords is not about finding specific words to load up into your next blog (a.k.a keyword gouging that Google will now punish you for), but writing great content that customers will find informative and helpful. Keyword research can help you find ideas that are related to the types of problems people are facing in your niche. An easy way to do this in Google is to type in a subject matter word like “blogging” into the search box and observe the “Related Searches” section at the bottom to see what people have been searching related to that term.

    Study your competition – Studying what your competitors are doing and writing about can help you to understand what larger trends may be at play in your industry, or simply what is working for them. Don’t start copying your competition’s posts, but use them for more of an inspiration. Perhaps a competitor’s post could use more in-depth information that you have or another perspective altogether.

    Recycle & Repurpose Old Posts – Go through your old blog posts and see what information you feel can be updated or is still relevant to your customers. An example would be to update an article that had to do with a specific year. For example, “HR Trends for 2017” could be recycled as “HR Trends for 2018” for the following year. Another way to revive an old blog is to look at the same information from a different perspective.

    Take Notes – Take notes on everything that happens around your business and keep it on a document to keep track of all topics. This way you’ll have a running list of topics to write about in the coming days or weeks.

    Solve a Problem – Use your own experience in solving customer problems to craft a blog post around a very popular problem and how to solve it with integrated steps. You may want to limit these types of articles to small things that do not necessarily require your own services so you do not cut into your own profit margins.

    If you have any further questions about creating content, feel free to contact us today!